I’m the cherry

Hello. I’m not french, I just like the fact that my name in french would be considered a cherry.I am 16.live 16, brown eyes,brown haired sweet cheeks. My hair might be soft but I’m not. I tend to favor debate, opposing opinions seem to intrigue me. You might say I find the opposite brain of mine attractive. I don’t smoke but if I did I would paint my cigarettes in vibrant colors everyday, a little Picasso on each one. I despise loud chewing, if you disturb me with your cheek smacking, I will smack you. Actually, that’s not true, I’ll give you heads up first. I don’t like wearing any sort of attire that involved suffocating me. I wish I could wear chokers and turtlenecks but they make me feel like I’m being, well, choked! I adore reading. The fact that I can decipher another individual’s thoughts into my own translation is very interesting. I find it amazing. I drink tea and coffee fairly often, I feel like sleep is never my priority.

I constantly find myself attracted to dark hair,light eyed intelligence. Boys like that are splendid, but I am more of an independent. I passed my high school heartbreak with flying colors, thank you, thank you! I adore love letters. I adore anything that has to do with extreme expression of all things an individual is passionate for and what makes their insides twirl faster than their head spins. I’m a free spirit. I believe in no direct religion but I do believe in the freedom to practice as you please. I believe in equality and harmony.

The mountains and the sea are my favorite places to absorb. The image of either two are both two beautiful examples of what Earth has to offer us. I wish I was a vegetarian. I cry over roadkill but I can still kick your ass. I can blow bubbles with my gum bigger than the sun. I play soccer, its the one sport I love to no end. I write. I’m a talented writer that’s been writing stories and poetry since I was five. I’ve overcame so much in my life so far, I am very pleased with myself.beachhhhh

The sun tosses a handful of freckles over my face and body every summer. My hair grows lighter and my urge to be outside increases. I love staying active. I love the sound of the piano. I fall for boys who adore art and spirit, who write beautifully and have the talent of being musically gifted, flexible in speaking languages and express emotion no matter the typical male stereotypes in society. I wish I was a better drawer/painter. I plan on practicing more often. I maintain good grades but could care less for them. I’d prefer to be a nomad surrounded by beautiful people and magnificent views. I believe in karma, I believe helping others goes without option of refusing. I do not hold grudges, I do not hate anyone on this Earth. We are all hurting, all battling life.

My name is interesting and uncommon but I do wish my name was either Violet,Luna or April. Nature derived names are beautiful. Chrysanthemum was one of my favorite books as a child, along with Where the Wild Things Are. I read WTWTA almost every night and when the movie came out, my family had to see it in theater. Later in time we would stay up nights eating stale cheerios watching the movie on DVD in our living room.

I will probably update this information of me frequently.

For now, that’s me, I’m the girl with the name that means cherry.