My Zine

2/22/2015  2:21 AM

I think I have a cold. My eye feels like its going to roll out of my socket and my nose is dripping faster than I can type. My stupid “R” key is somewhat jammed. Tisk.

2/21/2015 11:49 PM

DSC_0343I’m excited about starting my blog. I’ve always wanted to share my writing with the world, now its just a matter of who reads it. I want everyone to read my writing. I know I have potential and its always good to have confidence. I love writing. In the 3rd grade I wrote a children’s rhyming series of a dog and his adventures called “Muppy the Puppy.” I was extremely well known as the 8 year old who could write like an actual author. I never understood that, I personally thought everyone was an author. An author of their mind, the only person that can voice their own thoughts. They didn’t know it, it all took place in the unconscious mind but they edited and revised, created and eliminated thoughts before they were spoken. Just like an author, just like an editor, just like a publishing crew before finalizing a book. They were all authors. I just happened to be able to piece it all together beautifully on paper. Since,  I haven’t stopped writing. I don’t plan to.I am 15, What a beginning.