Train of Shattered Gems

by cerissadival

I don’t like the way time dribbles between my fingers, a stream of unholy adventures and filthy,mutilated thoughts. I do like how minds differ by the inability of the human mind to correlate all contents in time. Best said by H.P, not me. Oh no.

The farther the train travels, the faster the steam spews,the richer the ruby mind.

I yearn for ideas similar to foreign gems, for blood more divine than a crystal’s structure. A crave for pure, enriching, prosperous love. Nothing less than impressive letters dripping in a midnight aura.

Love seeps into the vast spaces the mind cannot grasp, the vast spaces that shall never touch ends. These reaching hands that will never touch, these binding fingers that will never lock. The ruby mind fades to an emerald glow, angel like, lovely in a resplendent way, delectable in a sappy,gratifying taste.

I don’t like the way time escapes my body, depleting to nothing in moments. I do adore how love gently floats into my void, licking the walls of my mind that my thoughts shall never encounter. And although I may never meet the half of me, the love that meets me will.