by cerissadival

Written September 23rd,2013.

I want to see the moon.

It’s craters,holes and loveliness.

I want to see space.

Experience its cold bite,it’s blackness and forgiveness.

I want someone to hug me.

To feel their breath through the fibers of my sweater while they bury their soft features into my shoulder.

To hold them.

To know them.

To care for them.

I want someone to want me.

No. Not in the way a man wants a woman.

The way a child wants his mother,or the way a sister wants a brother.

I want protection and love and care.

For someone to stay no matter how much I push them away.

No matter how many miles I distant them from my thoughts.

I  want someone to dig deep, to think about me and to call me randomly one night to express how much I mean to them.

How much does it take to ask for love?

To pick me up,bring me places,explore something new.

To write notes,letters,leave hints or signs that they’d been there earlier.

To spend days do nothing together but knowing it meant everything.

To sing,and dance and drive all over.

To talk and cry and listen.

To respect and love and care.

I want someone to stay.

To mean it when they say they’re staying.

To mean it when they say they’re not leaving.

To embrace the idea,to work hard for it.

To show a girl of no trust,loniless and confusion how a bestfriend…how a person who cares truly is.

To have no one.

To have nothing.

Begging for someone to fill the void and save them from their terror of drowning and losing.

Lost their battle.

Lost their war.

Lost their pride.

Lost their life.




Don’t. Don’t leave.

Just stay and tell me stories.

Know when I’m mad,I want you to stay.

Don’t walk away. Don’t.

Stay with me.

Because for every damn person that’s entered my life,made a promise,broke it and left…scarred a heart wrenching memory upon myself.

Upon my skin.

Upon my face.

There is nothing to cure a broken promise.

A promise meant to be full of hope and happiness.

A broken promise meant to be harmful and heart wrenching.


Save me from my nights of hiding.

Nights of sad music,burried in blankets and no light.


And keep me company.