Recap in Awe

by cerissadival

For the first time since September of 2013, I reread my piece Spacious. When I posted it, I didn’t have the chance to read the rest of it. Theres a lot of pain in that piece. Some of the words emphasized for screams and I know that at one point in my life that’s what I truly felt. As if I needed a guy to rely on all the time. Looking back on it, the scene hurts my heart thinking about all of those years done suffering from someone else’s fault, someone I should have been looking up to, but to recover from everything, the change is grand. I went from the mean and hurting person I was to an independent,healthy and happy character. I have confidence and pride in myself, I’m surrounded by such beautiful,amazing people where I now stay and I couldn’t be happier. These are the friends I was meant to have and this was the life that I deserved but without the pain and without the hurt I wouldn’t be where I am today, so strong and brilliant. I’m thankful. 100% thankful. I might have to do a recap of that piece, almost like a transformation.

So many good things are to come, as will a relationship when life happily grants me one that I’ll finally accept. When I decide,bud.