I was 14 when I wrote this

by cerissadival

Written August 28, 2013.

Sip your coffee

A swirling sheer color of nothing but scattered thoughts and hums

The sound of licking fingers and turning pages

Slightly tinted finger tips from the wrath of the cup

crusty eyes but vibrant lips

rep lipstick smeared to the right of her cheek

her head throbbing but her body rising

“where does the time go when you don’t think about time at all”

rising hopes but fainting motivation

broken hearts,lonely tears and aging roses

a welcoming bed with warm,embracing sheets

listen when the walls scream secrets

speak when the corners cry

because somewhere in a quiet,bitter cold apartment lays a thousand tears and quiet voices

Sip your coffee

Shoulders tense,neck tight and stale sugar

Replace the sugar with sweets and freedom

a sweet tooth for adventure and

the monsters won’t harm your happiness

sip your newest bland of brightness

Tonight not a tear will fall

Because tonight she is young and beautiful

And it’s sure that she might ball.