Dear Diary Assignment #2

by cerissadival

In a creative writing class I took the teacher wanted us to write about an event that took place in the area we live in. So we did and this one I wrote 15 minutes before class started, its not a true story.

Morning Skaters

Dear Diary,

The late Sunday morning gave a white tint to our hot breaths as we skated around the rink. The sun was just barely peeking through the clouds at Mohonk Moutain house. My friend Stephanie flew over the ice. Her blonde hair whipped over the sides of her pale face, her concentration only between her and her skates. The sight was mesmerizing. To watch someone love what they do and to witness them fall out of focus for passion is a beautiful sight.

Stephanie tried to teach me how to spin. Skating definitely was not a talent of mine. After racing around the rink and playfully falling against the ice several times, I was tired. We found a cozy place inside the building where hot chocolate and muffins were offered for day skiers.

Stephanie’s parents joined us for lunch and brought blankets for each of us to use. We nibbled on our blueberry muffins and nursed our hot chocolates until we were full. The four of us talked for an hour,enjoying the warmth of the Mountain House and watching people come and go through the doors. When Stephanie and I were ready to fall asleep on the couch, we decided it was time to go.

    I ran to the car to ignore the cold. Both Stephanie and I fell asleep 10 minutes into the ride home with the blankets laying cozily over the both of us. Ice skating may not have been my thing but I certainly enjoyed the fun of it.