Dear Diary Assignment #1

by cerissadival

In a creative writing class I took the teacher wanted us to write about an event that took place in the area we live in. This story was definitely edited, we only ran for about 5 minutes of our journey .

Dear Diary,

Last month my friend Bridget and I decided to take a morning run on the rail trail to make our way into town for breakfast. My cheeks were flushed in a ruby pink from the whip of the wind against my bare skin. Freezing, I kept my hat hugged against my forehead, sitting just above my eyebrows and my scarf wrapped tightly around the crown of my neck. Small scattered groups of people walking their curious dogs who barked at our feet passed us by several times, along with a few stragglers of individuals quietly enjoying the dull rays of the sun and the cold bite of the oncoming winter on their skin. The crisp snaps of breaking branches, the hum of town just several feet away with the bustle of running leaves absorbed the silence of our run. Talks of friends,in laws and hushed gossip nipped at my ears as the go-byers continued to pass us. From time to time, if a conversation made the two of us giggle through our heavy scarves and stuffy noses, we mimicked the stranger’s voice with their talk of “I think he’s kind of cute” and “Jerry wouldn’t do that” babbling.

Bridget and I admired the small window shops, some neatly organized and others lacking creativity. Displayed jackets and other weather attire surrounded by small Christmas decorations and white paint made into small wisps of falling snow caught our attention, bringing our feet to a stop. The smell of grease and warm foods filled the streets with the close and opening swing of the doors to the stores beside us. We both stopped at the large front doors of Starbucks on the bending tip of town to warm our tongues and murder our goosebumps with a cup of hot brewed coffee and warm,flakey croissants. A rush of sweet vanilla and pumpkin spices swarmed our nostrils, luring us closer and closer to the register.

We casually sipped our flavored coffee and licked our fingers of crescent residue to the sound of college students humming to their favorite songs and people discussing business over chai tea. The mood was refreshing and completely fulfilling after our long journey in the cold. The shop reeked of desperation for gooey Christmas songs, wrapped presents and winter scents as the workers decorated the walls in red boas and dangling christmas lights. The bustle of socializing people, careful sips of coffee and rising laughter gave the both of us a sense of comfortability in the coffee shop, so much we dreaded the idea of running back home.

After roasting our cheeks back to their normal shade of paleness and decreasing the size of our swollen,freezing fingers, we decided to adventure back through town and home. Sharing sweet hellos and kind waves to the rest of the strangers we may never see again on the rail trail put us both in a great mood where the cold was barely noticeable. Bridget discovered a dip in the side of the trail that lead down to the lip of the river below. I took a seat on a nearby rock and she swung her legs over the sides of a lopsided tree to take in the reflection of the clouds over the water. After a few pictures of the landscape and each other, we ventured back onto the trail, running harder and faster to avoid the continuously dropping temperature.

The cloud of warmth swallowed us in the pit of its stomach as we raced through the front door. After a cup of tea and two or three handfuls of chocolate covered pomegranates, our morning journey was a success. Exhausted from the cold and hard run, I slipped into bed after bridget left and decided I am lucky to live in such a town with great friends.